Early Interceptive Treatment and Habit Appliances

types of treatment - interceptive treatment

Are you aware that straighter correctly aligned teeth not only boost your confidence and look fantastic but there are health and hygienic benefits too? Perhaps early interceptive orthodontics such as a thumb sucking appliance or habit appliance could put your little one ahead of the game and onto the path of properly aligned teeth. Properly positioned teeth make brushing and flossing easier, than teeth that are spaced too far apart, too close together or those that are crooked. Teeth that are suitably aligned can help gums fit more snug around them, which aids in better periodontal health.  Pediatric dentists in Whitby and all over will agree. With the continuation of good oral hygiene, the chances of retaining plaque, tooth decay or gum disease can be decreased. With correctly timed interceptive orthodontic treatment, or regular orthodontic treatment, teeth can be shifted into alignment which can be less stressful on the supporting bone and jaw joints.

So you see, a straighter smile will not only boost your confidence, it may in fact boost your oral health as well!

Now you may be asking yourself ‘ does my child need to see an orthodontist?’ Often there is a specific reason for very young children to be seen by an orthodontic specialist that you or your pediatric dentist may have identified. Although most children do not have treatment until all their baby teeth have been lost; in some cases early treatment is necessary for an immediate problem or, to prevent or reduce a developing problem. Most children who have early treatment still require braces when the permanent teeth have emerged, however, the amount of work is lessened; and in some cases eliminated altogether. A child of eight years of age has enough teeth and enough jaw development for an orthodontist to quite accurately assess whether or not orthodontic treatment will be required in the future.

Generally, early orthodontic treatment is kept to a minimum because of the likelihood of further treatment being necessary later. No patient wants early treatment for something that can be more easily fixed when the permanent teeth are through.

early interceptive treatment - thumbhabitRemovable appliances are mainly used for early treatment including, a crossbite of the front or back teeth, thumb-sucking habits and regaining or holding spaces following the early loss of baby teeth.

Dr. Rajasekaran strongly recommends a product called Mavala Stop. This is available online, and we have recommended it for years to our patients’ families, with thumb habits. We have seen patients who have had a thumb habit for upwards of 14 years, stop within weeks just by using this product.* Come in to our office and we can give you the tools you need to stop an orthodontic problem before it becomes worse.

* Dr. Rajasekaran is not linked to nor endorsed by this Mavala or any of its subsidiaries, this information is his personal opinion.

Ask us about our self-ligating bracket systems In Ovation R & In Ovation C or Invisalign so you too or your little one, can be on the road to a healthy straight smile!

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