Tooth-Coloured braces

tooth coloured braces section dropdownCeramic braces are made of clear materials and are therefore less visible on your teeth than metal braces. At Durham Orthodontic Centre we are proud to use In-Ovation C ceramic braces. In Ovation C are a discreet and reliable way to straighten your smile. In-Ovation C braces are clear, ceramic braces that are an attractive alternative to standard braces. These are fitted to the front of your teeth, are subtle, clear, do not stain and are extremely durable.

How are In-Ovation C braces different? (Clear Braces)

In-Ovation C braces utilize a patented clip that engages the wire in the braces. This creates a free-sliding effect which reduces friction to allow teeth to move freely. As a result, you have less discomfort and faster treatment than with traditional braces. They are made of a clear ceramic material that is durable and strong, providing a more clean and aesthetic look versus the traditional metal braces.

Traditional Braces

Elastics and ties used in older braces put pressure and friction on teeth which slows treatment and causes discomfort.

Attractive Advantages of In-Ovation C

  • Faster results
  • Clear aesthetic look
  • Shorter appointments
  • Fewer office visits
  • Greater comfort
  • Improved facial proportion and appearance

Faster Treatment Time

In-Ovation C, utilizes light forces to allow teeth to move freely and quickly. You can achieve amazing results faster — often, depending on your treatment needs, months sooner than with other braces while maintaining a clean aesthetic that is ideal for adults!

Greater Comfort

Self-ligating system places light pressure on the teeth, leading to gentler movements. The small, smooth, and low-profile bracket design is comfortable, easy to keep clean, and resistant to staining.

Shorter, Less-frequent Visits

With In-Ovation’s efficient system, fewer appointments are required to complete treatment. The system also reduces the need for time consuming tightening procedures of changing elastics, which means your appointments at our Brooklin, ON orthodontic office can be shorter and less involved.

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